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    SD support, and miscellaneous other changes · 981cfe6d
    Ben Avison authored
      * Bugfix to HAL_FIQDisableAll - it wasn't clearing the FIQ register (would
        only have caused trouble in practice if the same device was subsequently
        enabled as an IRQ).
      * Added a load of memory barriers to s.Interrupts and s.Timers to conform
        to the requirement stated in 1.3 of the datasheet.
      * Added a HAL device for the Arasan SDHCI controller. Note that this does
        not currently work reliably, and results vary from card to card. High
        speed support is currently disabled until we are able to verify that it
        works reliably.
      * Added a sprinkling of "GET Hdr:ListOpts" because the space reserved for
        the SDHCI HAL device in hdr.StaticWS is determined by including
        Hdr:HALDevice and Hdr:SDHCIDevice, which need it.
      * When support for saving "CMOS" to the SD card is added, the ROM image
        file (kernel.img) is the only one we can count on the bootloader
        installing in memory, so I think we're going to have to work using the
        table in s.CMOS. Broadcom seems to like messing around with the space
        just after the processor vector table, so rather than adding a pointer
        to the table there, I've opted to mark it using a magic word.
      Tested on a Raspberry Pi - as noted above, there are reliability issues.
    Version 0.09. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_09'
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