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    Don't import workspace when it's not used
    Move the dead loops to just after the vectors. In practice these are ineffectual because the firmware (now) loads the image at &8000 to please Linux, so we're mostly wasting our time producing ROM images with vectors at the start.
    Pad image to &8000 so it can be loaded at 0 (using Kernel_Old=1 in config.txt) or &8000 (default).
    Line up/capitalise a few stray mnemonics, use APCS register naming.
    Call HAL_DebugTXStrInline for "HAL Init completed" rather than an inline loop, since earlier in the same function we called HAL_DebugTXStrInline happily.
    Version 0.60. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_60'
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