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    Put the other cores into a holding pattern · 56779d91
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/Top - On multi-core chips, the ARM boot stub has the other cores sat waiting in a loop near &0. Clearing RAM will inadvertantly break them out of this and most likely cause random crashes later on, so inbetween relocating the ROM and clearing RAM make sure we put the cores into a sleep loop in the HAL. Further mailbox writes can then be used to break them out of this loop, using a similar scheme to that used to break them out of the boot stub loop.
      hdr/BCM2835 - Add some register definitions from the BCM2836 docs
      Tested on Pi 2B, 3B
      Not currently dealing with kernel_old=1 case where all cores enter the ROM on startup
    Version 0.55. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_55'
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