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Added a few files missing from the Batch 4 build environment

parent 76864e8b
# Binary Build Environment Makefile
# The Library needs to participate in the generation of the BBE by exporting
# those tools required by the BBE.
include StdTools
install: install_${TYPE}
@echo ${COMPONENT}: Install phase complete (${TYPE}).
${CP} Unix.chmod ${INSTDIR}.chmod ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} Unix.df ${INSTDIR}.df ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} Unix.du ${INSTDIR}.du ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} Unix.mkdir ${INSTDIR}.mkdir ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} Unix.pwd ${INSTDIR}.pwd ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} Unix.rm ${INSTDIR}.rm ${CPFLAGS}
BBETYPE = library
bbe-library: bbe-generic-resources-get-alias
BBE_Export_Dir ARM
BBE_Export_Dir Build
BBE_Export_Dir DrSmiths
BBE_Export_Dir GNU
BBE_Export_Dir Misc
BBE_Export_Dir Unix
${MKDIR} ${BBEDIR}.Acorn
BBE_Export_File Acorn.amu
BBE_Export_File Acorn.c++
BBE_Export_File Acorn.cfront
BBE_Export_File Acorn.cmhg
BBE_Export_File Acorn.debugaif
BBE_Export_File Acorn.decaof
BBE_Export_File Acorn.deccf
BBE_Export_File Acorn.diff
BBE_Export_Dir Acorn.Docs
BBE_Export_File Acorn.find
BBE_Export_File Acorn.libfile
BBE_Export_File Acorn.modsqz
BBE_Export_File Acorn.objasm
BBE_Export_File Acorn.objsize
BBE_Export_File Acorn.resgen
BBE_Export_File Acorn.rpcgen
BBE_Export_File Acorn.Squash
BBE_Export_File Acorn.squeeze
BBE_Export_File Acorn.toansi
BBE_Export_File Acorn.topcc
BBE_Export_File Acorn.unmodsqz
BBE_Export_File Acorn.Vector
BBE_Export_File Acorn.Where
BBE_Export_File Acorn.xpand
${MKDIR} ${BBEDIR}.ToolOptions
BBE_Export_File ToolOptions.${APCS}
BBE_Export_File VersionNum
${NOP} end of Library export
| Tool options for APCS-R
Set Alias$CC %%CC -APCS 3/26bit/fpe2 %%*0
Set Alias$ObjAsm %%ObjAsm -APCS 3/26bit %%*0
Set Alias$CMHG %%CMHG -26bit %%*0
Set Alias$ResGen %%ResGen -26bit %%*0
Set Alias$DefMod %%DefMod -26bit %%*0
Set Alias$-Wipe X Wipe %%*0
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