1. 16 Feb, 1999 1 commit
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      Added multiple boot server capability. · c6e1b525
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Decreased timeout on anti-idle trap.
        Removed obsolete header file.
        Multiple boot server capability added,  Uses Inet$ServerName2 (and ..3
          etc.) until a connection to a share is made.  Use boot mount path
          in BOOTP/DHCP responses to set this variable.
        Using the standard 40 second timeout is silly on the anti-idle trap.
          Now uses a 4 second timeout and ignores errors.  Any later replies
          will be discarded automatically when the next transaction is made.
        DCI4.h is obsolete - TCPIPLibs:sys/dcistructs.h has been used for
          ages instead.
        Tested in STB22.  Boots from backup boot server when given a silly
          name for the primary.
      Version 1.87, Tagged as 'LanManFS-1_87-1_1_1_1_2_13'
  2. 12 Feb, 1999 1 commit
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      Free space now 64-bit aware plus *-command implemented. · 65d77f70
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Anti-idleout measures implemented.
        Boot behaviour sanitised.
        Free space code now knows about 64-bit versions of the various
          calls that can be made to it (OS_FSControl and Free module's i/f)
        *Free implemented.
        CallEvery set up to periodically ping each share to stop buggy
          Microsoft servers going to sleep on it.
        The filesystem does not get deregistered from FileSwitch whenever
          any interface on the machine changes(!)   More subtle changes
          are still required to finalise things in this area though.
        Requires TCPIPLibs 5.06 or later
          (CVS: RiscOS/Sources/Libs/TCPIPLibs  tag: TCPIPLibs-5_06)
        Tested by booting an STB22 against an NT4SP4 machine.
      Version 1.87, Tagged as 'LanManFS-1_87-1_1_1_1_2_12'
  3. 10 Feb, 1999 1 commit
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      Boot behaviour fixes. · 38063824
      Stewart Brodie authored
        More debug added.
        Trapped Service_InternetStatus reason code 0 as a tipoff to try
          to continue a pending boot operation.  Internet module is not
          sending the expected reason code 2 to indicate that the interface
          has come up when it is also having its address changed.
        Holding down SHIFT when a new connection is made prevents execution
          of !ArmBoot on the newly connected share.
        Several more debug statements added to track progress through the
        IPConfig's internal logging system imported.  *LanMan:Free shows
          the contents of the log.
        Free space information still seems to be broken against Windows 95/98.
          Works against NT4SP4 though.
        *Free filesystem-specific command added.
        This version managed to boot an STB22 from our NT4 server which
          was supplying it with baseline 303.
        *LanMan:Free is not yet implemented and in debug builds, shows
           the debug log instead.
        Anti-idleout work still pending.
      Version 1.87, Tagged as 'LanManFS-1_87-1_1_1_1_2_11'
  4. 05 Feb, 1999 1 commit
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      End of week checkin. No bug fixes. Some performance improvements. · 40989120
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Added a basic name cacheing facility.  For safety this is flushed
          every time the module returns to FileSwitch.  This does at least
          help reduce the name of directory searches required during a
          name translation.  NameCache.c comes with a test program built-in
          for stressing the cache manager.
        Free space display doesn't work yet.
        Anti-idleout measures not implemented yet.
      Version 1.87, Tagged as 'LanManFS-1_87-1_1_1_1_2_10'
  5. 03 Feb, 1999 1 commit
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      Fixed most dodgy pathname problems. · 343dc077
      Stewart Brodie authored
        All *LM... commands are now filing system commands.
        *Connect and *Disconnect renamed to *LMConnect and *LMDisconnect.
        When translating RISC OS to DOS filenames, a loop could develop if
          any path component contained a dodgy character.  This is now fixed
          with the exception of problems when both < and > characters appear
          in pathnames since that confuses FileSwitch.  New mappings will be
          need to be agreed for these characters (and remappings for $ and %
          which overload < and > respectively)
        All *LM... commands are now filing system commands, which means that
          you need to prefix them with LanMan: unless LanManFS is the current
          filesystem (following spec review).
        *Connect and *Disconnect renamed to *LMConnect and *LMDisconnect
          (following spec review).
        Trace builds allow "*LanMan:LMNameMode 4" to enable display of system
          and hidden files on the remote filesystem.
        Tested briefly against Windows 98 and Windows NT 4 SP3.
        If a directory name contains a dodgy character, repeated searches will
          be made on the remote filesystem.  This is inefficient and a name
          cache would alleviate this.  There is no name cacheing in the current
      Version 1.87, Tagged as 'LanManFS-1_87-1_1_1_1_2_9'
  6. 04 Dec, 1998 1 commit
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      Implemented h/w multicast filtering. · 45acaef2
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Uses our DCI4 header file.
        Now uses DCI4 MulticastRequest SWIs to selectively receive NetBEUI specific
          multicast IEEE frames.
        LLC_AttachDriver now takes an additional multicast MAC address parameter
          which is automatically claimed when the frames are claimed.
        Uses sys/dcistructs.h instead of its private ancient DCI4.h.  Some of the
          constants are different (old header shifted some numbers into correct
          positions for various calls - notably FRMLVL_* definitions).  Code modified
          to use the proper macros to construct these constants.
        Build and tested briefly.  EHInfo reports MAR for IEEE frames has been set
          as expected, and *LanMan:LMLogon seems to work.
      Version 1.87, Tagged as 'LanManFS-1_87-1_1_1_1_2_1'
  7. 03 Dec, 1998 1 commit