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    Changed idle-out strategy. · feb9328e
    Stewart Brodie authored
      Introduced new error message for re-entrancy prevention trap to use.
      When 'pinging' an SMB server, LanManFS does not wait for any response
        but the response reading routine knows to just throw away any old
        SMBchkpth responses that it gets and try reading again.
      Re-entrancy trap now has its own error "LanManFS in use" &1663E, which
        means you no longer see "!Armboot files nested too deeply" which is
        confusing.  The only way you can provoke this message is if you use
        Alt-Break whilst the NetBIOS/IP code is executing.  The error plays
        the same part as "FileCore in use" does for FileCore.
      Verified module still works and the anti idle-out features still work.
    Version 2.04. Tagged as 'LanManFS-2_04'
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