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    New build option to exclude NetBEUI support. · 61345d56
    Stewart Brodie authored
      Pass OPTIONS=-DNO_NETBEUI from the Components file if you do not need
        NetBEUI support, and LanManFS will be 12K smaller.
      In NetBEUI mode, LanManFS sends Service_DCIProtocolStatus as required.
      In IP mode, LanManFS notices Service_DCIProtocolStatus from the Internet
        module when it dies and marks all its sockets as needing reconnection.
      Booting behaviour changed to look for !ArmBoot again and not attempt
        the boot if it is missing.  Removed lots of grotty backdoor hacks
        that used to be used to determine this.
      Not tested at all.  This will need very thorough testing before it can
        be considered for release.
    Version 2.14. Tagged as 'LanManFS-2_14'
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