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    A few more battles have been won. War finally starting to go my way. · d7d9868e
    Stewart Brodie authored
      LanManFS now uses ,xxx type notation on long filename shares.
      Character mappings improved (necessary because Windows allows so
        many extra daft characters to appear in filenames) and one-to-many
        mappings for awkward charcacters in the RISC OS->DOS world have
        been added.
      Directory searching improved so that the wildcard matching can be
        done properly.  Only Microsoft could provide you an API call to
        discover information about a filename specified with wildcards and
        NOT tell you which filename it matched. :-/
      Things remaining unimplemented so far:
        Setting filetypes.
        Creating files with specific types
      All those outstanding things relate to the work done by Attr_SetInfo
        which should be the final major piece of hacking required.
      Tested by connecting to a long filename share from both a RISC OS
        machine and a Windows NT machine.  All behaviour of the RISC OS
        machine has been verified against what the NT machine is seeing
        happening.  No surprises.  One-to-many character mappings are
        being matched correctly.
      Also tested using the Filer at the RISC OS end to navigate, run,
        and edit things on the remote share.
    Version 1.87, Tagged as 'LanManFS-1_87-1_1_1_1_2_4'
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