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    New *LMLS command. · 9ec1ae87
    Stewart Brodie authored
      Fix for ./.. files in short filename shares.
      Long multiply now provided in assembler.
      *LMLS is a new filesystem-specific command which performs the same
        task as "smbclient -L" does under UNIX - ie. listing all the shares
        available on the specified host.
      When enumerating the shares on a remote server, LanManFS now remembers
        all the printers, IPC, device and disc shares (for *LMLS to output).
      The 32x32->64 multiply routine is now provided in assembler instead of
        the previous huge amount of obscure C taken from NSPRLib.  This is
        more understandable (and almost certainly far smaller and quicker
        and doesn't need a hack to stop the compiler mis-optimising it!)
      Old short filename shares still had problems with the . and .. file
        filtering.  Programmer fault there - should've let the compiler do
        the optimisations :-)
      Server info string fixed to byte-reverse the port numbers when printing
        the string into the info buffer.  Now claims to be talking to port 139
        as it should.
      Tested in general desktop use for several days, plus experimental versions
        tested in other boot ROMs.
    Version 2.03. Tagged as 'LanManFS-2_03'
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