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    Fix for renames where only the case has changed. · 0dabebbd
    Robert Sprowson authored
     Added an extra check after the Xlate path resolution code so that
     the case of the path given to resolve is honoured. This now means that
     the strcmp() done in SMB_Rename fails and the rename is actually sent to
     the server. Before "*rename test Test" would have the path resolved and
     since 'test' already existed both names would be the same, in this example
     something like "*rename A:\test A:\test" would result.
     Made the non LONGNAMES version compile again (not tested).
     Removed local definitions of FSControl reason codes, uses Interface header
     Made the case of #includes match CVS to allow future compilation on a case
     sensitive system.
     Deleted unused "Version" header.
    Version 2.34. Tagged as 'LanManFS-2_34'
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