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Update OMAP3 ROM autobuilder step to include !SDCreate in the ROM archive...

Update OMAP3 ROM autobuilder step to include !SDCreate in the ROM archive instead of a bunch of U-Boot scripts

  Rather than running the risk of the user (or his OS) doing something wrong when creating SD card images from scratch, OMAP3 ROM images will now ship with the !SDCreate utility that presents the user with an easy-to-use WIMP frontend for creating and writing SD card images.
  For people without (working) RISC OS machines, the !SDCreate help file also contains enough information to allow them to set up a card manually, along with the source to the U-Boot scripts - so we're not really losing anything by deleting the old scripts folder.
  Tested the release_autobuild stage on an OMAP3 ROM build, and everything seemed to be OK.

Version 0.12. Tagged as 'ABRelease-0_12'
parent 02961df4
......@@ -15,20 +15,12 @@ this archive as Licence_v1.pdf), or see:
U-Boot scripts
In addition to the ROM image, this archive also contains a set of U-Boot scripts to allow you to easily boot RISC OS on machines that use the U-Boot bootloader (e.g. BeagleBoard, IGEPv2, Touch Book, etc.)
In the U-Boot_scripts folder, find the script that corresponds to your machine type and copy it to an SD card along with the RISC OS ROM image. Note that you must also rename the boot script to 'boot.scr' so that U-Boot will find it (with a few exceptions - see below)
How to install the ROM image
* Owners of IGEPv2 boards must name the script 'boot.ini'
* If your board contains a version of u-boot prior to 2009.01, the script may instead have to be named 'reset.scr'
* Also note that 'boot.scr' is the Unix/Windows name of the file - if you're using RISC OS to copy the file you'll obviously have to copy it as 'boot/scr' instead (or 'boot/ini', etc.)
* If you use Windows to copy the file, please make sure that 'Hide extensions for known file types' is not enabled in your Folder Options, otherwise you may inadvertently copy the script as 'boot.scr.scr'!
The easiest way to install the ROM image onto an SD card is to use the included !SDCreate application. If you have the RISC OS 5 USB mass storage drivers then !SDCreate can write the image straight to an SD card. Alternatively you can create a disc image file which can then be written to a card using any ordinary Windows/Linux/Mac PC. For more information, including a description of the SD card structure, see the !SDCreate help file or the RISC OS Open wiki:
For the curious, the 'source' folder contains the source code for the U-Boot scripts, along with an explanation of how they function.
-- RISC OS Open
RISC OS U-Boot scripts
This folder contains the human-readable source to the boot scripts, along with a Unix shell script for converting the scripts to binary format using U-Boot's 'mkimage' tool.
Currently the scripts operate by entering the OMAP ROM image at different entry points - one entry point per machine type. From the entry point used, RISC OS is then able to determine the machine type that it is running on, and thus the correct parameters to use for initialising and communicating with peripherals. The table of entry points is listed below. New entries will only ever be added to the end; existing entries will no be moved/removed.
You can use the table below as a guide for creating your own scripts, or by choosing the right entry point when converting a RISC OS ROM image to a U-Boot uImage.
Machine type Entry point
------------ -----------
BeagleBoard ROM start + &00000000
DevKit8000 ROM start + &00000004
IGEPv2 ROM start + &00000008
Pandora ROM start + &0000000C
Touch Book ROM start + &00000010
Jeffrey Lee, 3/03/2010
\ No newline at end of file
fatload mmc 0:1 0x81000000 riscos
go 0x81000010
......@@ -31,21 +31,29 @@ Copy ab_res:ReadMe/txt <ab_res$dir>.zip.ReadMe/txt ~cf~r~v
| Copy the ROM image into the zip directory
Copy <Build$Dir>.Images.<Build$ImageName> <ab_res$dir>.zip.<Build$ImageName> ~cf~r~v
| Copy the U-Boot scripts into the zip directory
CDir <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts
CDir <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.source
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.BeagleBoard/scr <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.BeagleBoard/scr ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.DevKit8000/scr <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.DevKit8000/scr ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.IGEPv2/scr <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.IGEPv2/scr ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.Pandora/scr <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.Pandora/scr ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.TouchBook/scr <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.TouchBook/scr ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.source.beagle <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.source.beagle ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.source.convert/sh <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.source.convert/sh ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.source.devkit <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.source.devkit ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.source.igep <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.source.igep ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.source.pandora <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.source.pandora ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.source.ReadMe/txt <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.source.ReadMe/txt ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:U-Boot_scripts.source.touchbook <ab_res$dir>.zip.U-Boot_scripts.source.touchbook ~cf~r~v
| Copy !SDCreate into the zip directory
CDir <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate
CDir <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts
CDir <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.source
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.!Boot <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.!Boot ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.!Help <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.!Help ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.!Run <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.!Run ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.!Sprites <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.!Sprites ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.!Sprites22 <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.!Sprites22 ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.blank <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.blank ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.Desc <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.Desc ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.Messages <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.Messages ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.SDCreate <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.SDCreate ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.Templates <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.Templates ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.scripts.BeagleBoard/scr <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.BeagleBoard/scr ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.scripts.DevKit8000/scr <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.DevKit8000/scr ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.scripts.IGEPv2/ini <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.IGEPv2/ini ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.scripts.Pandora/scr <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.Pandora/scr ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.scripts.source.beagle <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.source.beagle ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.scripts.source.convert <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.source.convert ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.scripts.source.devkit <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.source.devkit ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.scripts.source.igep <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.source.igep ~cf~r~v
Copy ab_res:!SDCreate.scripts.source.pandora <ab_res$dir>.zip.!SDCreate.scripts.source.pandora ~cf~r~v
| Set the zip directory as the current directory
Dir <ab_res$dir>.zip
/* (0.11)
/* (0.12)
* This file is automatically maintained by srccommit, do not edit manually.
* Last processed by srccommit version: 1.1.
#define Module_MajorVersion_CMHG 0.11
#define Module_MajorVersion_CMHG 0.12
#define Module_MinorVersion_CMHG
#define Module_Date_CMHG 03 Mar 2010
#define Module_Date_CMHG 13 Oct 2010
#define Module_MajorVersion "0.11"
#define Module_Version 11
#define Module_MajorVersion "0.12"
#define Module_Version 12
#define Module_MinorVersion ""
#define Module_Date "03 Mar 2010"
#define Module_Date "13 Oct 2010"
#define Module_ApplicationDate "03-Mar-10"
#define Module_ApplicationDate "13-Oct-10"
#define Module_ComponentName "ABRelease"
#define Module_ComponentPath "castle/RiscOS/Utilities/Autobuild/ABRelease"
#define Module_FullVersion "0.11"
#define Module_HelpVersion "0.11 (03 Mar 2010)"
#define Module_LibraryVersionInfo "0:11"
#define Module_FullVersion "0.12"
#define Module_HelpVersion "0.12 (13 Oct 2010)"
#define Module_LibraryVersionInfo "0:12"
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