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    A few changes to make deciphering what's what easier. · fdad241c
    Robert Sprowson authored
    For ROMs we essentially have IOMDHAL[Dev]; Tungsten[Dev]; OMAP3[Dev]; OMAP4Dev and for these it only makes sense to autobuild the Dev ones and offer them as softloads where there's an actual ROM chip to softload over. OMAP4Dev remains development status, IOMDHAL doesn't exist in stable form.
     * IOMDHALDev - only make a softload ZIP file
     * IOMDHAL - do not use at this time
     * OMAP3Dev - updated text docs to reflect CMOS use
     * OMAP3 - do not use at this time
     * TungstenDev - only make a softload ZIP file
     * Tungsten - do not use at this time
     * OMAP4Dev - untouched
    Removed references to !SCSIForm from InstallHD4 script.
    Don't turn off alignment exceptions by default in InstallHD4 script.
    Update RMEnsures to 5.19 for development.
    Make readme's be non specific about the version to save updating them again.
    Version 0.21. Tagged as 'ABRelease-0_21'
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