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    Update to latest softloader version. Update readmes. · 8d1d0036
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      Resources/IOMDHALDev/soft/ReadMe.txt - Corrected ROM version number. Add wiki link for list of known issues.
      Resources/IOMDHALDev/soft/!Boot/Choices/Boot/PreDesk/!!SoftLoad/!Run,feb - Corrected ROM version number
      Resources/IOMDHALDev/soft/!Boot/Choices/Boot/PreDesk/!!SoftLoad/SoftLoad,ff8, Resources/TungstenDev/soft/!Boot/Choices/Boot/PreDesk/!!SoftLoad/SoftLoad,ff8 - New SoftLoad 1.16 binary
      Resources/TungstenDev/soft/ReadMe.txt - Fix typo
      New softload tool tested on Iyonix (5.12 ROM, 5.17 softload) & RiscPC (3.7 ROM, 5.17 softload)
    Version 0.19. Tagged as 'ABRelease-0_19'
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