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This is a ROM softloader patch for the IYONIX pc. It includes a development
release of the RISC OS ROM image which can be installed into your boot
sequence as follows:

* Open your main hard disc (left click on the hard disc iconbar icon)

* Run the !Boot application by left double-clicking '!Boot'

* Left click on the 'Boot' icon to open the "Boot sequence" configuration

* Left click on the 'Install' icon to open the "Boot Merge" window

* Drag the !Boot directory from this zip file to the merge window

* Click on the 'Merge' button to install the softloader

You can now reboot in order to try the latest development version of RISC OS
for the IYONIX. You will be prompted when the machine boots as to whether you
would like to softload or continue booting with your normal (installed)
version of RISC OS. Press 'y' or 'n' on the keyboard to indicate your choice
when asked.

Please note: this is a development release of the operating system and is
supplied in an entirely untested state. The softload tool is also largely
untested at present to please send a report of any problems you encounter to


-- The ROOL Team