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    Update of defmod to the one that accompanies public version 6.21 · 56c7f95f
    Stewart Brodie authored
      UNIX version.
      This source set represents that distributed with OSLib 6.21.  I've
        fixed some faults and passed them back to the maintainers (notably
        an uncaught NULL pointer dereference in the chelp_output function).
      This application now builds on Solaris, Linux & FreeBSD.
      The bootstrap code moves to directory 'oslib' instead of 'bs' to avoid
        needing to change lots of includes between RISC OS and non-RISC OS
      -cstrong seems to produce empty files (on all variants) - I guess it's
        not supported any more (we don't need it either).
      Tested on Solaris, Linux, FreeBSD and RISC OS.
      Sources re-released to maintainers as required under GPL licence.
    Version 6.21. Tagged as 'defmod-6_21'
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