1. 07 Apr, 2020 5 commits
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      Fix install location · 04c2214d
      Ben Avison authored
      Binaries were being placed in objs/PlingBuilder/!Builder, when we wanted them
      in PlingBuilder. Deploy was correctly identifying no changes in PlingBuilder
      and hence not doing a merge request. Also fix Makefile so Messages is also in
      INSTAPP_FILES as per instructions in CApp (required to correctly insert
      version string in cross-compile case).
      Version 0.30. Tagged as 'builder-0_30'
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      Fix deploy script · 8ed23d4a
      Ben Avison authored
      It's master of the repo on GitLab that is being deployed, not the local one...
      Version 0.29. Tagged as 'builder-0_29'
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      Flesh out deploy script · 79957023
      Ben Avison authored
      Add arbitrary change to sources to ensure built binary differs, to ensure we
      raise a merge request
      Version 0.27 (deploy1.1). Tagged as 'builder-0_27-deploy1_1'
      Version 0.28. Tagged as 'builder-0_28'
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      First step towards a deploy stage · 637b8797
      Ben Avison authored
      Version 0.26 (ci.1). Tagged as 'builder-0_26-ci_1'
      Version 0.27. Tagged as 'builder-0_27'
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      Enable GitLab CI · 6d70f81b
      Ben Avison authored