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Extended the descriptions in help document.

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......@@ -10,4 +10,16 @@ performs the following functions :
* menu click to edit master modules database
* option button selection of phases of build to perform
* saving of current options as default for next time
\ No newline at end of file
* button click to perform a build using currently ticked phases with the
current environment.
Environment files are hidden away in the !Builder.Env directory. This directory
is scanned before the environment list menu is popped up and the filenames
appear in the menu. When a menu entry is clicked, that environement file is
Wimp_StartTask'ed, sourcing the contents of the file.
Clicking on the build button Wimp_StartTask's the file !Builder.!build. This
file is used to set an appropriate wimpslot and run any pre-build scripts that
could be used to configure build names etc. Finally, srcbuild is run with the
parameters specified in the !Builder window.
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