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    * Added support for the clean_all phase. · 41d6a7cf
    Steve Revill authored
      * Some of the major libraries (i.e. Desk and RISC_OSLib) do not really clean
        themselves in their 'clean' phase; you have to run 'clean_all' on them to
        do this. This is a pain in the proverbial for Baseline builds because you
        have to export from libraries twice - once 26bit and once 32bit. You MUST
        fully 'clean_all' libraries or you get objects of the wrong APCS exported.
        Rather than having to go through all my libraries running both 'clean' and
        'clean_all' on each manually, I've added the 'clean_all' option to !Builder
        (and srcbuild), separate from a simple 'clean'.
      Tested in Baseline builds.
      Requires srcbuild-0_38.
    Version 0.16. Tagged as 'builder-0_16'
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