1. 27 Aug, 2012 1 commit
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      Reconstruct Squish sources by un-squishing the v1.12 binary · fb4d42dd
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        This is some reconstructed sources for the Squish tool, formed by running the 1.12 binary through Beebug's/ProAction's !BasFormat, and then fixing up a few extra bits by hand.
        Most of FNs and PROCs have had meaningful names applied to them, making the sources more readable. However only a couple of the variables have been renamed.
        The test script (Test/Squish,feb) was used to verify that this new squish (after being re-squished) produces identical output to the original binary.
        Note that squishing these sources won't produce a binary identical to the original, as the original appears to have been modified post-squishing in order to add PROCknockoutkept.
        Tested against original Squish binary for Disc & BCM2835 builds
        Version number is currently hardcoded in sources; build procedure needs updating to take it from VersionNum
      Version 1.13. Tagged as 'Squish-1_13'