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Enable CI/CD

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- project: 'Support/CI'
file: '/Squish.yml'
stage: deploy
refs: [ master ]
tags: [ cross ]
# Depending on whether the pipeline is launched by the merge request or
# manually, VersionNum may or may not have been updated. Switch to the
# tip of master to ensure consistency.
- git checkout origin/master
- SOURCETAG=$(git describe --abbrev=8 --tags --always)
- BRANCH=Import$(echo $SOURCETAG | sed -e 's/[-._]//g')
- 'curl --location --output ~/cache/common/ -z ~/cache/common/ ""'
- unzip -q ~/cache/common/
- source RiscOS/Env/ROOL/
- git clone https://$USER:$$USER/Library.git
- INSTDIR=../Library/Build mk install
# If the installed binary has changed in any way, raise a merge request
- cd Library && git diff --quiet --exit-code || ( git checkout -b $BRANCH; git add .; git commit -m "Update Squish from tag $SOURCETAG"; git push -o merge_request.create origin $BRANCH )
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