Commit 89f84cf5 authored by Mike Stephens's avatar Mike Stephens
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update service call handler to Ursula format (with table)

parent 70dbde99
......@@ -649,7 +649,25 @@ count1 MOVVC r0, #ModHandReason_GetNames
Pull "r0-r7, pc"
; Service call handler
;Ursula format
ASSERT Service_Memory < Service_Reset
ASSERT Service_Reset < Service_ResourceFSStarting
DCD 0 ;flags
DCD ModuleWrap_UService - Module_BaseAddr
DCD Service_Memory
DCD Service_Reset
[ :LNOT::DEF:FilerAct
DCD Service_ResourceFSStarting
DCD 0 ;terminator
DCD ModuleWrap_ServTab - Module_BaseAddr ;anchor
MOV r0, r0 ;magic instruction
[ :LNOT::DEF:FilerAct
CMP r1, #Service_ResourceFSStarting
BEQ svc_resourcefsstarting
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