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    Fix crash when making SVC stack uncacheable. Fix poor Pi 3 memory benchmark performance · a941a778
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      s/MemInfo - To avoid cache coherency issues when the current SVC stack page is being made uncacheable, shift SP somewhere else by temporarily dropping into IRQ mode
      s/ARMops - Change default VMSAv6 cache policy to writeback, write allocate. Unlike other CPUs we've supported so far, Cortex-A53 suffers very badly from writes to read-allocate pages, with performance being roughly equivalent to writes to non-cacheable memory. Using a write (+read) allocate policy seems to be needed to get the expected performance, and may help boost other CPUs too.
      Tested on IGEPv5, Pi 3
    Version 5.35, Tagged as 'Kernel-5_35-4_79_2_307'
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