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Correct a couple of comments

Some misleading notes about IIC0, and other minor clarifications.
parent d3f4d7ef
......@@ -48,7 +48,7 @@ $label BaseAddr $r1, $r2 ; Form a pointer to the device's
; IIC version times 100
IICVersion * 210 ; A guess! Rev. 2.1
IICVersion * 210 ; Rev. 2.1, from section 3.1 of BCM2835 ARM Peripherals
; IIC divider to give 100 kHz
IICDivider * 2496
; Definitions of RISC OS IIC flags in iic_transfer structure
......@@ -80,25 +80,25 @@ IIC_Init
CMP a2, #4 ; Codes 4 upwards denote swapped
MOV a2, #IIC_Base0 :AND: &FFFF; Start with BSC0
ADD a2, a2, #IIC_Base0 :AND: &FFFF0000
MOVHS a2, #IIC_Base1 :AND: &FFFF; If rev code 4 upwards, use BCS1
MOVHS a2, #IIC_Base1 :AND: &FFFF; If rev code 4 upwards, use BSC1
ADDHS a2, a2, #IIC_Base1 :AND: &FFFF0000
STR a2, IIC_Base ; Store the choice
; Set up output pins of BSC0 and BSC1
; Set GPIO0 to SDA0, GPIO1 to SCL0, GPIO2 to SDA1 and GPIO3 to SCL1
; Set up pins GPIO0 to SDA0, GPIO1 to SCL0 or
; GPIO2 to SDA1, GPIO3 to SCL1
; Only adjust the configuration of the pins for the controller we're using -
; the other pins/controller might be being used for a different purpose (e.g.
; Pi 3, GPIO 0/SDA0 seems related to power control/under-voltage detection)
LDR a2, PeriBase
ADD a3, a2, #GPIO_Base
LDR a2, [a3, #GPFSel0] ; Must set GPIO0..3 to alt-f0
BICLO a2, a2, #8_00000077 ; which is binary 100
LDR a2, [a3, #GPFSel0]
BICLO a2, a2, #8_00000077
BICHS a2, a2, #8_00007700
ORRLO a2, a2, #8_00000044
ORRLO a2, a2, #8_00000044 ; Set FSEL to ALT0 which is binary 100
ORRHS a2, a2, #8_00004400
STR a2, [a3, #GPFSel0]
DoMemBarrier a1 ; Ensure all peripheral registers
; Enable the controller
BaseAddr a4, a1 ; a4 -> IIC controller 0
BaseAddr a4, a1 ; a4 -> IIC controller
LDR a1, [a4, #IIC_C] ; a1 = Control reg's contents
ORR a1, a1, #IIC_I2CEN ; Enable the controller
STR a1, [a4, #IIC_C]
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