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    Address of mailbox given to GPU should have cacheability bits set correctly · 34d04d6b
    Ben Avison authored
    On entry to HAL_SendHostMessage, we ensure the contents of the mailbox buffer
    are flushed out to the ARM L2 cache (if applicable) and main memory. There
    were a couple of instructions to fill in the top two bits of the address
    before passing it to the VC, but they were commented out for reasons that are
    not clear.
    The effect of this is that the VC will look in its L1 and L2 caches for the
    data in the buffer. On Pi 1 and 0, this wouldn't be too bad, since ARM11
    didn't have its own L2 cache and would have written the data into the VC L2
    cache instead, meaning that there would only be coherencency problems if the
    VC L1 cache still contained the old contents of the address. On Pi 2-4, it's
    more risky, because the VC L2 cache could also be inconsistent with main
    memory at this point.
    Reinstating the top two bits doesn't appear to cause any ill effects I can
    see (tested on Pi 1 and 4), so put these instructions back in.
    Version 0.80. Tagged as 'HAL_BCM2835-0_80'
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