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    Merge SMP branch to trunk · 06491820
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      hdr/StaticWS - Reserve workspace for QA7 peripheral address, HAL-wide spinlock, and doorbell device
      Makefile, s/DBell - Add doorbell device implementation
      hdr/BCM2835 - Clean up dead macros, add new macros for spinlock claim/release and basic CPU detection. Define new IRQ numbers for the "QA7" peripheral.
      hdr/CastleMacros, s/Top - Generate two HAL descriptors and entry point tables: One for single-core machines and one for multi-core machines. This avoids some MP-related overheads on ARM11 models of Pi. Implement SMP HAL entry points.
      s/Interrupts - Add support for the QA7 interrupts. Although some interrupts can be flexibly routed to different cores, we currently stick with a static scheme.
      s/Messaging - Use CPUDetect macro
      Requires Kernel-6_09
    Version 0.76. Tagged as 'BCM2835-0_76'
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