Commit 1574cdc6 authored by Ben Avison's avatar Ben Avison
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Set correct tool options for cross-compiling Raspberry Pi ROMs

In the cross-compiling case, `!` explicitly sets the tool options
(analogous to the `ToolOptions` obey file from `RiscOS.Library` that's run
by `!Common` in the native build case). However, the change in Library-1_76
(from way back in 2015) to add `Machine=RPi` was never reflected in
`!` until now.
parent bde97c1b
......@@ -51,7 +51,7 @@ elif [ "$APCS" = "APCS-32" ]; then
NCC_TOOLOPTIONS="-APCS 3/32bit/fpe3 -cpu 5TE -memaccess +L22+S22+L41"
'ARM11ZF' | 'RPi')
GCC_TOOLOPTIONS="-march=armv6 -mfpu=fpe3"
NCC_TOOLOPTIONS="-APCS 3/32bit/fpe3 -cpu 6 -memaccess +L22+S22-L41"
OBJASM_TOOLOPTIONS="-APCS 3/32bit/fpe3 -cpu 6Z --fpu VFPv2"
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