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    Define Install$Path in addition to Install$Dir · af08299b
    Steve Revill authored
    The !Common script will now define a macro variable for Install$Path
    which contains <Install$Dir>. which means install targets can now be
    specified in the form "Install:foo" rather than "<Install$Dir>.foo".
    This is especially handy because any path that has a / in it can end
    up being munged from UNIX to RISC OS form, even if it was a RISC OS
    path in the first place. But one thing that prevents the munging is
    if the path has a : in it.
    Long story short, you can now do stuff like this:
    which was hopelessly broken prior to this change.
      Requires mkdir 1.04 for the full goodness. Will be put into the
      main Library component at some point soon.
    Version 1.29. Tagged as 'Env-1_29'
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