Commit 38ca41a7 authored by Kevin Bracey's avatar Kevin Bracey
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Modified to use LocalRes$Path and Link 5.08.

parent bf2fbf9d
......@@ -31,7 +31,7 @@ APP = !Edit
MODULE = rm.Edit
ROM_MODULE = aof.Edit
RDIR = Resources
LDIR = LocalRes:
# Export Paths for Messages module
......@@ -78,9 +78,9 @@ FILES =\
# Include these in the ROM module
......@@ -110,12 +110,12 @@ rom: ${ROM_MODULE}
install: ${FILES}
${CP} ${RDIR}.!Boot ${INSTDIR}.!Boot ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}.!Help ${INSTDIR}.!Help ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}!Help ${INSTDIR}.!Help ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${RDIR}.!Run ${INSTDIR}.!Run ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} abs.!RunImage ${INSTDIR}.!RunImage ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${RDIR}.Export ${INSTDIR}.Export ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}.Messages ${INSTDIR}.Messages ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}.Templates ${INSTDIR}.Templates ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}Messages ${INSTDIR}.Messages ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}Templates ${INSTDIR}.Templates ${CPFLAGS}
Access ${INSTDIR}.!Boot lr/r
Access ${INSTDIR}.!Help lr/r
Access ${INSTDIR}.!Run lr/r
......@@ -133,17 +133,16 @@ resources:
${CP} ${RDIR}.!Boot ${RESAPP}.!Boot ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}.!Help ${RESAPP}.!Help ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}!Help ${RESAPP}.!Help ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${RDIR}.ROM.!Run ${RESAPP}.!Run ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}.Messages ${RESDIR}.Messages ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}.Templates ${RESDIR}.Templates ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}Messages ${RESDIR}.Messages ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} ${LDIR}Templates ${RESDIR}.Templates ${CPFLAGS}
@echo ${COMPONENT}: resource files copied to Messages module
${WIPE} o.* ${WFLAGS}
${WIPE} oz.* ${WFLAGS}
${WIPE} od.* ${WFLAGS}
${WIPE} map.* ${WFLAGS}
${WIPE} linked.* ${WFLAGS}
${RM} abs.!RunImage
......@@ -172,9 +171,7 @@ ${ROM_MODULE}: oz.ModuleWrap ${OBJSZ} ${ROMSTUBS}
# final link for ROM Image (using given base address)
${LD} -o linked.${COMPONENT} -bin -base ${ADDRESS} ${ROM_MODULE} ${ABSSYM} \
-map > map.${COMPONENT}
truncate map.${COMPONENT} linked.${COMPONENT}
${LD} -o linked.${COMPONENT} -rmf -base ${ADDRESS} ${ROM_MODULE} ${ABSSYM}
@echo ${COMPONENT}: rom_link complete
......@@ -184,8 +181,8 @@ oz.ModuleWrap: s.ModuleWrap s.AppName ${RESFILES}
s.ModuleWrap: ${WRAPPER}
s.AppName: ${LDIR}.Messages
awk -f awk.AppName ${LDIR}.Messages > $@
s.AppName: ${LDIR}Messages
awk -f awk.AppName ${LDIR}Messages > $@
# Debugging version:
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