1. 16 Dec, 2021 2 commits
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      Suppress cppcheck unusedFunction warnings for CMHG entry points · ef2b3224
      Ben Avison authored
      Just about every C module in the source tree will use CMHG to interface with
      the kernel. However, cppcheck doesn't understand CMHG files, and so it will
      incorrectly identify any C entry points from the CMHG object file as unused
      The main command-line suppression options for cppcheck are:
      * --suppress=unusedFunction : blanket suppression of the warning for all
        files. This is undesirable because it would mean we miss many examples of
        dead code, and ironically, since modules commonly feature in ROMs which
        are space-constrained, it's particularly valuable to identify dead code
        in these cases.
      * --suppress=unusedFunction:[filename] : better, but a pain to implement the
        CI job for (we'd need to pass it the relevant filename(s) somehow), a pain
        to maintain (for every module, we'd need to identify the relevent file(s))
        and could still miss some dead code.
      * --suppress=unusedFunction:[filename]:[line] : solves the dead code problem
        but at the cost of being even more hassle to maintain, due to having to
        keep line numbers up-to-date.
      Compared to these options, inline suppression markers look very attractive.
      However, objections have been raised to these also, so here we use a new
      feature of cppcheck 1.84 (available now that we have upgraded the GitLab
      runner machine to Ubuntu 20.04): the more verbose but more flexible option
      of passing a suppression specification to cppcheck in XML format. The XML
      file itself is generated during the "make standalone" command that is
      performed as part of the CI job. For non-module components, the XML file is
      not generated, and the option to cppcheck is silently removed.
      Required RiscOS/BuildSys!???
  2. 08 Jun, 2021 1 commit
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  4. 01 Jun, 2021 2 commits
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      Fix rom_IOMD32 jobs · 14297559
      Ben Avison authored
      These jobs were trying to fetch a build tree from a non-existent superproject
      `Products/IOMD32` when they should have referenced `Products/IOMDHAL`.
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      Reduce disc space requirements for GitLab Runner server · 51bd4664
      Ben Avison authored
      On the Runner machine, each fork of each project gets its own directory,
      which is left in the state which the latest job for whatever pipeline was
      most recently run on it. This typically will include a large number of
      object and binary files, which are of no use to anyone (anything of interest
      will already have been packaged up into an artifact and uploaded to the
      main GitLab server). Address this by adding an additional job to the end of
      each pipeline, which does a `git clean` (it's worth leaving these in place
      to reduce the bandwidth requirement when doing a `git fetch` when a pipeline
      is next run for the fork).
      The Runner machine also stores cache files for each fork of each project, at
      least for jobs that complete fully successfully (and there are an increasing
      number of these). The way our pipelines use caches, these are tarballs of
      pre-built source trees for each target platform. These take up less space
      than the temporary files noted above, but will now become the dominant user
      of disc space. To address this, abandon use of GitLab Runner's own cache
      facility, and take advantage of the fact that shell executors actually have
      visibility of the gitlab-runner user's whole home directory to maintain a
      single, cached version of each tarball, shared across all forks of all
      projects. This is stored within ~/cache, but namespaced under ~/cache/common
      to avoid collisions with any users of GitLab Runner's cache facility.
  5. 17 May, 2021 1 commit
  6. 14 May, 2021 1 commit
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      Work around bug in git 2.27.1 · db1f5999
      Ben Avison authored
      For these versions, "git submodule update --remote" will fail for any
      submodules that don't specify a branch in .gitmodules, and which are
      currently checked out on a remote tracking branch that tracks a remote
      other than "origin". For our pipelines, this means almost any submodule
      which has a CrossCompilationSupport branch which has not yet been merged.
      Work around it by first doing "git submodule update" without "--remote",
      which will put all submodules into detacehd HEAD state.
  7. 23 Dec, 2020 1 commit
  8. 11 Dec, 2020 2 commits
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      Fix pipeline failures for established forks · 6a7e6b2b
      Ben Avison authored
      If the following happens:
      * a GitLab runner recursively clones a superproject
      * one or more submodules has changes upstream and the submodule references in
        the superproject have been updated to point to it
      * a new pipeline is launched for the new superproject revision
      then, while the runner would fetch changes to the superproject, it wasn't
      doing so for the submodules. Ironically, we do both `git submodule update`
      and `git submodule update --remote` in different pipeline stages and the
      latter includes an implicit submodule fetch - but that was the later stage
      which we don't get as far as.
      To fix this, while retaining the pipeline stage order, include an explicit
      fetch in the earlier stage (and remove the implicit fetch in the later one,
      since that now merely wastes time).
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      Fix generation of IOMDHAL.yml · 9c61e2f0
      Ben Avison authored
      This one is a special case where the superproject name mismatches the
      corresponding Env (and thus Components) file.
      Our own CI script also didn't previously support the *removal* of an
      autogenerated YAML file. This should be a rare occurrence, but it's best
      to automate this also. Also support force-pushing to the submodule; this
      will be required in most cases where the pipeline was triggered by a
      force-push to *this* project.
  9. 25 Nov, 2020 1 commit