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Temporarily insert "git checkout" to bring in test XML file

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......@@ -577,6 +577,7 @@ BEGIN {
# The only way to tell cppcheck to suppress unusedFunction warnings by symbol name (rather than
# globally, by file, or file and line number) is to pass it an XML file. We generate suitable XML
# during "make standalone" above, with a standardised filename, so if it exists, use it.
print " - git checkout -f objs" >> out
print " - CMHG_XML=$(test -f objs/cmhg-cppcheck-suppress.xml && echo --suppress-xml=objs/cmhg-cppcheck-suppress.xml || true)" >> out
# Enable all warnings except those marked inline, plus shiftNegativeLHS (used in _swix macros and
# therefore ubiquitous) and purgedConfiguration (we don't care if a build switch has no effect).
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