Commit fe3438f7 authored by Ben Avison's avatar Ben Avison
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Report errors encountered during version number insertion

The use of ';' between subcommands threw away the status of earlier ones.
Replace with '&&'.
parent 9189842e
......@@ -203,13 +203,13 @@ install_app${CUSTOMINSTALLAPP}: ${INSTAPP_DEPENDS}
${INSTRES} -I Resources.${USERIF}.${LOCALE},Resources.${USERIF}.UK,Resources.${LOCALE},Resources.UK,Resources ${INSTAPP} ${INSTAPP_FILES}
ifneq (,$(filter Messages,${INSTAPP_VERSION}))
TMP=`mktemp`; ${INSERTVERSION} ${INSTAPP}/Messages > $$TMP; mv $$TMP ${INSTAPP}/Messages
TMP=`mktemp` && ${INSERTVERSION} ${INSTAPP}/Messages > $$TMP && mv $$TMP ${INSTAPP}/Messages
ifneq (,$(filter Desc,${INSTAPP_VERSION}))
TMP=`mktemp`; ${INSERTVERSION} descmode=1 ${INSTAPP}/Desc ${INSTAPP}/Desc > $$TMP; mv $$TMP ${INSTAPP}/Desc
TMP=`mktemp` && ${INSERTVERSION} descmode=1 ${INSTAPP}/Desc ${INSTAPP}/Desc > $$TMP && mv $$TMP ${INSTAPP}/Desc
ifneq (,$(filter !Run,${INSTAPP_VERSION}))
TMP=`mktemp`; ${INSERTVERSION} obeymode=1 ${INSTAPP}/!Run${SUFFIX_OBEY} > $$TMP; mv $$TMP ${INSTAPP}/!Run${SUFFIX_OBEY}
TMP=`mktemp` && ${INSERTVERSION} obeymode=1 ${INSTAPP}/!Run${SUFFIX_OBEY} > $$TMP && mv $$TMP ${INSTAPP}/!Run${SUFFIX_OBEY}
@${ECHO} ${COMPONENT}: application installation complete
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