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Component type changes in ModuleDB

The following are changed to type `C`. This will permit these components to
switch to using the `CModule` shared makefile in upcoming changes.

* ADFSFiler (and SCSIFiler and SDFSFiler, built from the same sources)
* SpriteExtend
* TaskManager

The following are changed to type `EXP`. These components don't define
`resources` or any subsequent phony targets. `amu` wil fail silently when you
try to make these, but GNU `make` considers it an error.

* DDTLib
* DebugLib
* DeskLib
* ModMallocLib
* PDebug
* RemoteDebug
* Trace
* Wild
* tboxlib
parent 16477b70
......@@ -23,9 +23,9 @@ Common C Sources.Lib.Email.EmailCommon
ConfigLib C Sources.Lib.ConfigLib
DCILib C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Lib.DCILib
DDT EXP Sources.Programmer.DDTHdr
DDTLib C Sources.Lib.DDTLib
DebugLib C Sources.Lib.DebugLib
DeskLib C Sources.Lib.Desk
DDTLib EXP Sources.Lib.DDTLib
DebugLib EXP Sources.Lib.DebugLib
DeskLib EXP Sources.Lib.Desk
DThreads EXP Sources.Lib.DThreads
EmailLib C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Lib.Email.EmailLib
ErrorLib C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Lib.ErrorLib
......@@ -44,7 +44,7 @@ Mailbox C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Lib.Email.Mailbox
mbedTLS C Sources.Lib.mbedTLS
MemCheckLib EXP closed.RiscOS.Sources.Lib.MemCheck
MemLib C Sources.Lib.MemLib
ModMallocLib C Sources.Lib.ModMalloc
ModMallocLib EXP Sources.Lib.ModMalloc
ModuleTaskLib EXP Sources.Lib.ModuleTask
MPEGHdrs EXP closed.RiscOS.Sources.Video.MPEG.MPEGHdrs
MsgLib EXP closed.RiscOS.Sources.Lib.MsgLib
......@@ -54,10 +54,10 @@ NetLink C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Lib.Email.NetLink
NSPRLib EXP Sources.Lib.NSPRLib
NumConvert C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Lib.NumConvert
OSLib EXP Sources.Lib.OSLib
PDebug C Sources.Lib.PDebug
PDebug EXP Sources.Lib.PDebug
PlainArgvLib EXP Sources.Lib.PlainArgv
RemoteDebug C Sources.Lib.remotedb
RemoteDebug EXP Sources.Lib.remotedb
RMVersion ASM Sources.Programmer.RMVersion
rpclib EXP Sources.Lib.TCPIPLibs.rpclib.rpc
SDIOLib C Sources.Lib.SDIOLib
......@@ -70,12 +70,12 @@ SyncLib EXP Sources.Lib.SyncLib
TCPIPheaders C Sources.Lib.TCPIPLibs.headers
TGRLib EXP closed.RiscOS.Sources.Lib.TGRlib
ToolboxLib C Sources.Toolbox.ToolboxLib
Trace C Sources.Lib.Trace
Trace EXP Sources.Lib.Trace
Unicode RES Sources.SystemRes.Unicode
UnicodeLib C Sources.Lib.UnicodeLib
unixlib EXP Sources.Lib.TCPIPLibs.unixlib
UtilLib C Sources.Lib.UtilLib
Wild C Sources.Lib.Wild
Wild EXP Sources.Lib.Wild
zlib EXP Sources.Lib.zlib
zlibmodlib EXP Sources.Lib.zlib
......@@ -163,7 +163,7 @@ AcornSSL C Sources.Networking.Fetchers.AcornSSL
AcornURI C Sources.Networking.URI Networking URI
ADFS C Sources.FileSys.ADFS.ADFS FileSys ADFS
ADFS4 C Sources.FileSys.ADFS.ADFS4 FileSys ADFS
ADFSFiler ASM Sources.FileSys.ADFS.ADFSFiler FileSys ADFSFiler
ADFSFiler C Sources.FileSys.ADFS.ADFSFiler FileSys ADFSFiler
AHCIDriver C Sources.HWSupport.SCSI.AHCIDriver HWSupport AHCIDriver
ARM ASM Sources.HWSupport.ARM HWSupport ARM
ArmBE C Sources.Programmer.ArmBE Programmer ArmBE
......@@ -520,14 +520,14 @@ Scrolling RES Sources.Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Scrolling
ScrollingSetup RES Sources.Video.UserI.ScrSavers.Scrolling.Settings ScrSavers ScrollingSetup
ScrSaver C Sources.Video.UserI.ScrSaver Video ScrSaver
SCSIDriver ASM Sources.HWSupport.SCSI.SCSIDriver HWSupport SCSIDriver
SCSIFiler ASM Sources.FileSys.ADFS.ADFSFiler FileSys SCSIFiler
SCSIFiler C Sources.FileSys.ADFS.ADFSFiler FileSys SCSIFiler
#SCSIFiler ASM ???.RiscOS.Sources.FileSys.SCSIFS.SCSIFiler FileSys SCSIFiler
SCSISwitch C Sources.HWSupport.SCSI.SCSISwitch HWSupport SCSIDriver
SDFS C Sources.FileSys.SDFS.SDFS FileSys SDFS
SDFSFiler ASM Sources.FileSys.ADFS.ADFSFiler FileSys SDFSFiler
SDFSFiler C Sources.FileSys.ADFS.ADFSFiler FileSys SDFSFiler
SDIODriver C Sources.HWSupport.SD.SDIODriver HWSupport SDIODriver
SCTransport C closed.RiscOS.Sources.HWSupport.SmartCard.SCTrans HWSupport SCTrans
SendMessage C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Networking.Utilities.SendMsg Networking SendMessage
......@@ -564,7 +564,7 @@ SoundScheduler ASM Sources.HWSupport.Sound.Sound2
Spain ASM Sources.Internat.Territory.TerritoryModule Internat Spain
SPIDriver C Sources.HWSupport.SPIDriver HWSupport SPIDriver
SprBounce RES Sources.Video.UserI.ScrSavers.SprBounce ThirdParty !SprBounce
SpriteExtend ASM Sources.Video.Render.SprExtend Video SprExtend
SpriteExtend C Sources.Video.Render.SprExtend Video SprExtend
SpriteUtils ASM Sources.Video.Render.SpriteUtil Video SpriteUtil
Squash C Sources.Programmer.Squash Programmer Squash
SrcEdit C Sources.Apps.SrcEdit Apps SrcEdit
......@@ -584,10 +584,10 @@ SysLoad C Sources.Programmer.SysLoad
SystemDevices ASM Sources.HWSupport.SystemDevs HWSupport SystemDevs
Tabs C Sources.Toolbox.TabsGadget Toolbox Tabs
Taiwan ASM Sources.Internat.Territory.TerritoryModule Internat Taiwan
TaskManager ASM Sources.Desktop.Switcher Desktop Switcher
TaskManager C Sources.Desktop.Switcher Desktop Switcher
TaskModule C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Desktop.TaskModule Desktop TaskModule
TaskWindow ASM Sources.Desktop.TaskWindow Desktop TaskWindow
tboxlib C Sources.Toolbox.tboxlib Toolbox
tboxlib EXP Sources.Toolbox.tboxlib Toolbox
TerritoryManager ASM Sources.Internat.Territory.TerritoryManager Internat TerrMgr
TFTP C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Networking.TFTP Networking TFTP
TFTPserver C closed.RiscOS.Sources.Networking.TFTPserver Networking TFTPserver
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