Commit 4e012049 authored by Ben Avison's avatar Ben Avison Committed by ROOL
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Fix typo

Missing `$` character before `{LOCALE}` would have caused UK resources to
be selected instead of non-UK ones, if anyone were to be doing an
internationalised cross-compiled build.
parent c63824df
......@@ -228,7 +228,7 @@ debug: ${DBG_TARGET}${SUFFIX_DEBIMAGE}
ifneq (${RES_FILES},)
${INSTRES} -I Resources.${LOCALE}.ROM,Resources.UK.ROM,Resources.ROM,Resources.{LOCALE},Resources.UK,Resources ${RESFSDIR} ${RES_FILES}
${INSTRES} -I Resources.${LOCALE}.ROM,Resources.UK.ROM,Resources.ROM,Resources.${LOCALE},Resources.UK,Resources ${RESFSDIR} ${RES_FILES}
ifneq (,$(filter Messages,${INSTAPP_VERSION}))
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