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Fix generation of IOMDHAL.yml

This one is a special case where the superproject name mismatches the
corresponding Env (and thus Components) file.

Our own CI script also didn't previously support the *removal* of an
autogenerated YAML file. This should be a rare occurrence, but it's best
to automate this also. Also support force-pushing to the submodule; this
will be required in most cases where the pipeline was triggered by a
force-push to *this* project.
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......@@ -30,8 +30,9 @@ generate:
# that USER and PASSWORD contain credentials of a user which has
# permission to push to the neighbouring project.
- cd CI
- git ls-files --deleted | xargs git rm
- git add *.yml
- git diff --cached --quiet --exit-code || git commit -m "Refresh YAML files" -m "Generated by $CI_PIPELINE_URL"
- URL=${URL%.git}
- git push "https://$USER:$PASSWORD@${URL%_Source}.git" $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH
- git push --force "https://$USER:$PASSWORD@${URL%_Source}.git" $CI_COMMIT_BRANCH
......@@ -101,7 +101,10 @@ function do_superproject_class(build_class) {
# eventually expand this to "export_hdrs export_libs resources rom install_rom join"
split(build_phase_list, phases)
for (b in builds[build_class]) {
out = "CI/" builds[build_class][b] ".yml"
if (builds[build_class][b] == "IOMD32")
out = "CI/IOMDHAL.yml"
out = "CI/" builds[build_class][b] ".yml"
# When we get to a point where we're doing a release (i.e. pushing commits
# to the superproject that contain a meaningful combination of submodule
# commit hashes) then it would give developers faster feedback if the
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