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RISC OS Open Release Archive

This is the OMAP5 (OMAP543x, ISEE IGEPv2) development ROM image. It is a 
bleeding-edge build which comes from the latest revisions of all the 
relevant sources in our source code repository and is completely untested.

Using this ROM image in your board should only be done if you are confident
that you know what you are doing! It is likely to be functionally incomplete
and probably unstable in various ways.

The 'InstallHD4' script, and setting up a !Boot sequence

For details of how to setup up a !Boot sequence for your OMAP5 machine, please
see the 'Putting the HardDisc4 image onto a USB drive' section of this wiki

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The 'InstallHD4' script supplied with this archive is intended to be used in
conjunction with the installation steps given on the above page.

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The OMAP port of RISC OS now supports saving configuration settings in a CMOS
memory chip so that they are kept when the power is turned off. This
requires a small carrier board to be plugged in, which you can obtain for
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a few pounds from

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or your RISC OS dealer.

If this carrier board is not detected it is possible to seed the CMOS settings
in one of two ways
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  * Add a CMOS file to the SD card
    Make any configuration settings changes desired than use the *SaveCMOS
    command to capture them in a file, put this file on the SD card alongside
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    the RISC OS ROM image. The SDCMOS module included in the operating system
    will update this file whenever a configuration change is made.
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  * Do nothing
    If the hardware is not present, and you haven't put a CMOS file on the
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    SD card, you'll get the built in defaults every time you turn on.
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-- RISC OS Open