Commit 1df38d54 authored by Robert Sprowson's avatar Robert Sprowson
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Add !Setup and minor template change "File"->"Input" in the SetUp window....

Add !Setup and minor template change "File"->"Input" in the SetUp window. Added a !Setup file for completeness.

Retagged as xpand-5_14.
parent f68b8356
......@@ -20,7 +20,7 @@ INSTAPP = ${INSTDIR}${SEP}!Xpand
OBJS = xpand asmcall
INSTAPP_FILES = !Boot !Help !Run !Sprites [!Sprites11] !Sprites22 Desc Messages Templates
INSTAPP_FILES = !Boot !Help !Run !Setup !Sprites [!Sprites11] !Sprites22 Desc Messages Templates
include CApp
*Set xpand$Dir <Obey$Dir>
*RMEnsure FrontEnd 0 System:modules.frontend
*RMEnsure Frontend 1.21 Error You need version 1.21 of the FrontEnd module to set the Xpand options from Make
*WimpSlot -min 16k -max 16k
*FrontEnd_SetUp -app %0 -desc %1 -task %2 -handle %3 -toolflags %4
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