1. 03 Nov, 2021 1 commit
    • Robert Sprowson's avatar
      Fully fill 'None' swatch in 180dpi modes · 9020d5f8
      Robert Sprowson authored
      The Crosshatch sprite wasn't quite tall enough for the swatch when plotted in an EY0 mode, and didn't account for the icon being inset from the window border. For width, we now tile the sprite as needed (rather than enlarge the one in Resources).
      Version 0.59. Tagged as 'Picker-0_59'
  2. 10 Apr, 2021 4 commits
    • ROOL's avatar
      Correct the Wimp message lengths · f972d9be
      ROOL authored
        When message_COLOUR_PICKER_COLOUR_CHOICE or message_COLOUR_PICKER_COLOUR_CHANGED were sent the size of the Wimp message was set based on the model's private state structure size, rather than the extension field size.
        Update the message calculation to use the model's info_size value.
        Discovered during Toolbox Unification bounty work.
      Version 0.58. Tagged as 'Picker-0_58'
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      Rename INCLUDE_OSLIB to OSINC · 9d9a9752
      ROOL authored
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      Fix for being unable to change None and colour setting in a single call · b593acf4
      ROOL authored
        SWI ColourPicker_UpdateDialogue allows the possibility of changing both colour and transparency state by setting bits 1 and 6 of the input flags.
        However, bit 6 has the side effect of using the Set_Values entry point which calls the colour changed model SWI which unsets the 'None' flag because the colour was set. Swap around the order of actioning the flags such that the colour is set before considering the new 'None' setting.
        Discovered during Toolbox Unification bounty work.
    • ROOL's avatar
      Fix for flags read back being out of sync with the picker · 005d09c2
      ROOL authored
        SWI ColourPicker_ReadDialogue claims to return the current state (and does so for the colour) but was returning the cached copy of the flags word. Ensure this is always up to date whenever the colour is changed by copying the 'none' state into the cached flags.
        Discovered during Toolbox Unification bounty work.
  3. 06 Feb, 2021 1 commit
  4. 14 Oct, 2018 1 commit
  5. 11 Apr, 2018 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Updated to build using shared makefiles · 804efd47
      Ben Avison authored
        * Makefile rewritten
        * Language-dependent resource files moved into Resources.UK
        * Four header files (in "icons" subdirectory) that are autogenerated by
          running WinEd are now committed to CVS, to aid with cross-compilation.
          These icon number definitions haven't changed in over 21 years, and
          if they were to do so, it would be a one-off job to run WinEd on a
          RISC OS machine to regenerate them: the original rules have been retained
          for this purpose. Since the only other component that uses WinEd like
          this is ResEd, it seems unlikely that it will ever be worth the effort to
          create a cross-compiling version of WinEd!
      Version 0.56. Not tagged
  6. 29 Jun, 2014 1 commit
  7. 27 Mar, 2014 1 commit
    • Jeffrey Lee's avatar
      Fix reporting of events to colourpicker_DIALOGUE_TYPE_CLICK clients · e0bae214
      Jeffrey Lee authored
        Support011/c/steppable - The fix for issue #339/flickery redraw, combined with the way that Colour_Changed() in dialogue.c filters out colour change events being passed to the colour picker client, meant that if a slider was dragged then a client which is only interested in click events (e.g. Paint) wouldn't receive a message once the drag was complete. Fix this by adding an extra flag to Set_Position(), to allow Set_Position()'s lazy update logic to be suppressed when End_Drag() sets the final position at the end of the drag. This ensures a message will get as far as Colour_Changed(), which will then forward it on to the client due to the drag no longer being in progress.
        Tested on BB-xM
        Fixes selected colour in Paint not updating correctly when dragging sliders
      Version 0.56. Tagged as 'Picker-0_56'
  8. 12 Jan, 2014 1 commit
    • Robert Sprowson's avatar
      Less flickery colour picker when the dragged value hasn't changed · d03109ae
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Only call value_changed_fn when the value has changed during null poll events, in line with the check for change logic in Increment().
      Note that steppable_set_value() still sends one event per call as mentioned in the cautionary note at line 535, so when called programmatically the behaviour is unchanged.
      Tested on a Raspberry Pi, no more shimmering colour swatches.
      Version 0.55. Tagged as 'Picker-0_55'
  9. 06 Aug, 2013 1 commit
  10. 14 Jan, 2012 1 commit
  11. 10 Jan, 2012 1 commit
  12. 09 Jan, 2012 1 commit
    • Robert Sprowson's avatar
      Add ability to pass in OPTION to CMHG to allow version with no international... · d05163bd
      Robert Sprowson authored
      Add ability to pass in OPTION to CMHG to allow version with no international help text to be generated.
      Fix spurious null at the end of the messages file entry for "ModelListHelp", although not used when NO_INTERNATIONAL_HELP is in force the whacky lookup function in Support011 was failing because MessageTrans in RISC OS 3.10 sees that as a token delimiter and the lookup gets out of sync.
      Version 0.51. Tagged as 'Picker-0_51'
  13. 26 Jun, 2009 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Added install rule · 3d1b012a
      Ben Avison authored
        No code changes
        Tested in a Tools CD build.
      Retagged as 'Picker-0_50'
  14. 07 Jun, 2009 1 commit
    • Ben Avison's avatar
      Build fix · 55977d8f
      Ben Avison authored
        Some users reported problems building the sources if they had other
        installations of perl on their build machine. The build system was using a
        mixture of "perl" and "<Perl$Dir>.perl" to invoke the interpreter, and
        sometimes but not always using "do" to expand system variables on the
        command line. This has now been standardised to use "do <Perl$Dir>.perl in
        all cases, and where possible, to use the makefile macro ${PERL}.
        Checked that a Tungsten build still works on a build machine with no other
        perl installation. "perl" was aliased to an error to ensure it wasn't used.
      Version 0.50. Not tagged
  15. 17 Oct, 2008 1 commit
  16. 09 Nov, 2004 1 commit
  17. 25 Oct, 2002 1 commit
  18. 11 Jul, 2001 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      Builds with OSLib 4 or OSLib 6 · 763af135
      Stewart Brodie authored
        message_PREQUIT has become message_PRE_QUIT in OSLib 6.  This module
          now detects the non-definition of message_PREQUIT and defines it
          to be message_PRE_QUIT itself.
        Will allow builds with either OSLib 4 or 6.
      Version 0.48. Tagged as 'Picker-0_48'
  19. 08 May, 2000 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      Made 32-bit compatible. · 2ef684d7
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Removed assembler that can be imported from AsmUtils
      Version 0.47. Tagged as 'Picker-0_47'
  20. 06 Apr, 2000 1 commit
  21. 01 Dec, 1999 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      No longer catches ResourceFSStarting service call. · b7fa4643
      Stewart Brodie authored
        Receipt of that service call causes this module to trample over
          Wimp state that applications may be relying on (eg. template
          file handle).
        Tested on desktop Risc PC.
      Version 0.45. Tagged as 'Picker-0_45'
  22. 26 Nov, 1999 1 commit
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      RAM builds are now standalone builds. · 3ded6972
      Stewart Brodie authored
        CPFLAGS added to header export.
        STANDALONE builds no longer exist - they are equivalent to
          non-ROM builds.
        In non-ROM builds, all the resources to be registered in
          ResourceFS are built into a single structure since ResourceFS
          can handle this more efficiently, and it saves initialisation
          time - MessageTrans has a fit when Picker tries to register
          NINE different things in ResourceFS.
        Tested as softload.
        ROM build unaffected.
      Version 0.44. Tagged as 'Picker-0_44'
  23. 24 Nov, 1999 2 commits
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      Missed out this file in previous checkin · 6ffb001b
      Stewart Brodie authored
    • Stewart Brodie's avatar
      This code has hacked me off for the last time. · 826581a6
      Stewart Brodie authored
        As much as possible of the junk has been removed.
        Standard build structure replaces it.
        Unused code removed.
        Support for RISC OS pre-3.60 removed (remove the int'l
          stuff in the CMHG file to reverse this - it must save
          all of 100 bytes!)
        RAM builds now contain the resources for registering in
          ResourceFS (NOTE: this build does not register them yet
          but that's the same as current versions!)  When this is
          fixed, the RAM builds will be the standalone builds.
        RAM build contains a single ResourceFS area which is to be
          registered instead of NINE that it used to register.
        Shame I can't remove all traces of the other directories.
        WinEdit is now invoked from the makefile instead of having
          several silly one-liner Obey scripts to do it.  However, this
          necessitates the perl script to fix the trigraphs (cannot
          use # in makefiles) unless you like 1000s of warnings about
          ANSI trigraphs in the (valid) generated headers.
        Unable to extract it from OSLib or Support011 - it's too
           heavily dependent on them.  Sorry.
        RAM builds seem to work.
      Version 0.43. Tagged as 'Picker-0_43'
  24. 03 Nov, 1999 2 commits
    • John Beranek's avatar
      Merged Ursula and Spinner branches. · 30e342c2
      John Beranek authored
        - Merged branches.
        - Added srccommit suppport to cmhg header
        - Added ${THROWBACK} and -p to cmhg flags
        - Added stripdepend call to clean target
        - Stripped dynamic dependencies
        Built and tested on RPC.
      Version 0.42. Tagged as 'Picker-0_42'
    • John Beranek's avatar
      created by srccommit. · d3188003
      John Beranek authored
  25. 03 Nov, 1998 1 commit
    • Andrew Hodgkinson's avatar
      No longer trashes the task's flags to Wimp_Poll. It used to ANT the flags with... · ca949d87
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      No longer trashes the task's flags to Wimp_Poll. It used to ANT the flags with a word that only preserved specific bits; notably, it would clear the pollword high priority (23) and preserve/save FP (24) bits.
      The latter means the FPSR gets reset, which is a bit of a pain if you
      are relying on it being preserved (e.g. any task using the Mozilla
      sourced JS interpreter...!).
      Tested on RISC OS 3.71 and 3.11. Version number incremented to 0.40
      for the Risc PC build (assumes resources are present in ResourceFS) and
      0.37 for the stand-alone build (makes no such assumptions).
  26. 13 May, 1997 1 commit
  27. 30 Jan, 1997 1 commit
  28. 27 Jan, 1997 2 commits
  29. 21 Jan, 1997 2 commits
  30. 16 Dec, 1996 1 commit
  31. 21 Nov, 1996 1 commit
  32. 06 Nov, 1996 2 commits