1. 24 Nov, 1999 1 commit
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      This code has hacked me off for the last time. · 826581a6
      Stewart Brodie authored
        As much as possible of the junk has been removed.
        Standard build structure replaces it.
        Unused code removed.
        Support for RISC OS pre-3.60 removed (remove the int'l
          stuff in the CMHG file to reverse this - it must save
          all of 100 bytes!)
        RAM builds now contain the resources for registering in
          ResourceFS (NOTE: this build does not register them yet
          but that's the same as current versions!)  When this is
          fixed, the RAM builds will be the standalone builds.
        RAM build contains a single ResourceFS area which is to be
          registered instead of NINE that it used to register.
        Shame I can't remove all traces of the other directories.
        WinEdit is now invoked from the makefile instead of having
          several silly one-liner Obey scripts to do it.  However, this
          necessitates the perl script to fix the trigraphs (cannot
          use # in makefiles) unless you like 1000s of warnings about
          ANSI trigraphs in the (valid) generated headers.
        Unable to extract it from OSLib or Support011 - it's too
           heavily dependent on them.  Sorry.
        RAM builds seem to work.
      Version 0.43. Tagged as 'Picker-0_43'
  2. 03 Nov, 1999 2 commits
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      Merged Ursula and Spinner branches. · 30e342c2
      John Beranek authored
        - Merged branches.
        - Added srccommit suppport to cmhg header
        - Added ${THROWBACK} and -p to cmhg flags
        - Added stripdepend call to clean target
        - Stripped dynamic dependencies
        Built and tested on RPC.
      Version 0.42. Tagged as 'Picker-0_42'
    • John Beranek's avatar
      created by srccommit. · d3188003
      John Beranek authored
  3. 03 Nov, 1998 1 commit
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      No longer trashes the task's flags to Wimp_Poll. It used to ANT the flags with... · ca949d87
      Andrew Hodgkinson authored
      No longer trashes the task's flags to Wimp_Poll. It used to ANT the flags with a word that only preserved specific bits; notably, it would clear the pollword high priority (23) and preserve/save FP (24) bits.
      The latter means the FPSR gets reset, which is a bit of a pain if you
      are relying on it being preserved (e.g. any task using the Mozilla
      sourced JS interpreter...!).
      Tested on RISC OS 3.71 and 3.11. Version number incremented to 0.40
      for the Risc PC build (assumes resources are present in ResourceFS) and
      0.37 for the stand-alone build (makes no such assumptions).
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