Commit 55977d8f authored by Ben Avison's avatar Ben Avison
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Build fix

  Some users reported problems building the sources if they had other
  installations of perl on their build machine. The build system was using a
  mixture of "perl" and "<Perl$Dir>.perl" to invoke the interpreter, and
  sometimes but not always using "do" to expand system variables on the
  command line. This has now been standardised to use "do <Perl$Dir>.perl in
  all cases, and where possible, to use the makefile macro ${PERL}.
  Checked that a Tungsten build still works on a build machine with no other
  perl installation. "perl" was aliased to an error to ensure it wasn't used.

Version 0.50. Not tagged
parent dcc005de
......@@ -56,6 +56,7 @@ WIPE = -wipe
CD = dir
TOUCH = stamp
WINEDIT = /Apps:!WinEdit
PERL = do <Perl$Dir>.perl
CPFLAGS = ~cfr~v
WFLAGS = f~c~vr
......@@ -135,19 +136,19 @@ ICONS=icons.h.dialogue_i icons.h.cmyk_i icons.h.rgb_i icons.h.hsv_i
icons.h.dialogue_i: Resources.Templates
${WINEDIT} "-h??=define dialogue_%w_%n ((wimp_i) %i)" Resources.Templates >$@
perl Resources.perlscript $@
${PERL} Resources.perlscript $@
icons.h.cmyk_i: Resources.CMYK.Templates
${WINEDIT} "-h??=define cmyk_%w_%n ((wimp_i) %i)" Resources.CMYK.Templates >$@
perl Resources.perlscript $@
${PERL} Resources.perlscript $@
icons.h.rgb_i: Resources.RGB.Templates
${WINEDIT} "-h??=define rgb_%w_%n ((wimp_i) %i)" Resources.RGB.Templates >$@
perl Resources.perlscript $@
${PERL} Resources.perlscript $@
icons.h.hsv_i: Resources.HSV.Templates
${WINEDIT} "-h??=define hsv_%w_%n ((wimp_i) %i)" Resources.HSV.Templates >$@
perl Resources.perlscript $@
${PERL} Resources.perlscript $@
# Main rules:
......@@ -6,18 +6,18 @@
#define Module_MajorVersion_CMHG 0.50
#define Module_MinorVersion_CMHG
#define Module_Date_CMHG 17 Oct 2008
#define Module_Date_CMHG 07 Jun 2009
#define Module_MajorVersion "0.50"
#define Module_Version 50
#define Module_MinorVersion ""
#define Module_Date "17 Oct 2008"
#define Module_Date "07 Jun 2009"
#define Module_ApplicationDate "17-Oct-08"
#define Module_ApplicationDate "07-Jun-09"
#define Module_ComponentName "Picker"
#define Module_ComponentPath "RiscOS/Sources/Video/UserI/Picker"
#define Module_ComponentPath "castle/RiscOS/Sources/Video/UserI/Picker"
#define Module_FullVersion "0.50"
#define Module_HelpVersion "0.50 (17 Oct 2008)"
#define Module_HelpVersion "0.50 (07 Jun 2009)"
#define Module_LibraryVersionInfo "0:50"
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