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Build fix

  The build utilities Matrix1 and Matrix2, compiled at build time, are now
  built using the HostTools shared makefile, and so will execute on any RISC OS
  build host even if the default compiler options are to target an incompatible
  ARM architecture. Also now sets the throwback flag when doing builds via the
  Mk obey file.
  Tested using an APCS-R build on an Iyonix.

Version 0.13. Not tagged
parent 9033b1b4
......@@ -46,8 +46,7 @@ ${ROM_OBJECT} ${SA_OBJECT} ${DBG_OBJECT}: ${MATRIX1} ${MATRIX2}
.SUFFIXES: .c .s
${MKDIR} o
${CC} ${STDTOOLOPTIONS} -o $* $<
$* $@
${RUN}$* $@
# Dynamic dependencies:
......@@ -15,3 +15,4 @@
Dir <Obey$Dir>
amu_machine clean
stripdepnd Makefile
stripdepnd matrix/mk
......@@ -13,4 +13,4 @@
| limitations under the License.
Dir <Obey$Dir>
amu_machine rom
amu_machine rom THROWBACK=-throwback
; This file is automatically maintained by srccommit, do not edit manually.
; Last processed by srccommit version: 1.1.
GBLS Module_MajorVersion
GBLA Module_Version
GBLS Module_MinorVersion
GBLS Module_Date
GBLS Module_FullVersion
GBLS Module_ApplicationDate2
GBLS Module_ApplicationDate4
GBLS Module_ApplicationDate
GBLS Module_HelpVersion
GBLS Module_ComponentName
GBLS Module_ComponentPath
Module_MajorVersion SETS "0.13"
Module_Version SETA 13
Module_MinorVersion SETS ""
Module_Date SETS "23 Mar 2001"
Module_ApplicationDate2 SETS "23-Mar-01"
Module_ApplicationDate4 SETS "23-Mar-2001"
Module_Date SETS "14 Jun 2009"
Module_ApplicationDate SETS "14-Jun-09"
Module_ComponentName SETS "Super"
Module_ComponentPath SETS "RiscOS/Sources/Video/Render/Super"
Module_ComponentPath SETS "castle/RiscOS/Sources/Video/Render/Super"
Module_FullVersion SETS "0.13"
Module_HelpVersion SETS "0.13 (23 Mar 2001)"
Module_HelpVersion SETS "0.13 (14 Jun 2009)"
/* (0.13)
* This file is automatically maintained by srccommit, do not edit manually.
* Last processed by srccommit version: 1.1.
#define Module_MajorVersion_CMHG 0.13
#define Module_MinorVersion_CMHG
#define Module_Date_CMHG 23 Mar 2001
#define Module_Date_CMHG 14 Jun 2009
#define Module_MajorVersion "0.13"
#define Module_Version 13
#define Module_MinorVersion ""
#define Module_Date "23 Mar 2001"
#define Module_Date "14 Jun 2009"
#define Module_ApplicationDate2 "23-Mar-01"
#define Module_ApplicationDate4 "23-Mar-2001"
#define Module_ApplicationDate "14-Jun-09"
#define Module_ComponentName "Super"
#define Module_ComponentPath "RiscOS/Sources/Video/Render/Super"
#define Module_ComponentPath "castle/RiscOS/Sources/Video/Render/Super"
#define Module_FullVersion "0.13"
#define Module_HelpVersion "0.13 (23 Mar 2001)"
#define Module_HelpVersion "0.13 (14 Jun 2009)"
#define Module_LibraryVersionInfo "0:13"
# Copyright 2009 Castle Technology Ltd
# Licensed under the Apache License, Version 2.0 (the "License");
# you may not use this file except in compliance with the License.
# You may obtain a copy of the License at
# Unless required by applicable law or agreed to in writing, software
# distributed under the License is distributed on an "AS IS" BASIS,
# See the License for the specific language governing permissions and
# limitations under the License.
# Makefile for Matrix1 and Matrix2
include HostTools
include StdRules
include AppLibs
include CApp
# Dynamic dependencies:
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