Commit 40c1947b authored by Kevin Bracey's avatar Kevin Bracey
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Spinner branch merged.

Changed to cope with new Hdr:CMOS
German resources imported.
parent e1694ad7
......@@ -68,13 +68,15 @@ resources: resources-${CMDHELP}
${MKDIR} ${RESDIR}.ScrBlanker
${CP} Resources.${LOCALE}.Messages ${RESDIR}.ScrBlanker.Messages ${CPFLAGS}
TokenCheck LocalRes:Messages
${CP} LocalRes:Messages ${RESDIR}.ScrBlanker.Messages ${CPFLAGS}
resources-None: resources_common
resources-: resources_common
print Resources.${LOCALE}.CmdHelp { >> ${RESDIR}.ScrBlanker.Messages }
TokenCheck LocalRes:CmdHelp
print LocalRes:CmdHelp { >> ${RESDIR}.ScrBlanker.Messages }
Off:Der Bildschirmschoner ist ausgeschaltet.
Tm:Der Bildschirm wird nach %0 Sekunden dunkelgeschaltet.
WTm:Der Bildschirm wird nach %0 Sekunden dunkelgeschaltet. Der WriteCV-Vektor ist belegt.
Err:Syntax: *BlankTime [W|O] [Zeit]
......@@ -10,8 +10,8 @@
GBLS VString
Version SETA 226
VString SETS "2.26"
Date SETS "10 Jun 1997"
Version SETA 227
VString SETS "2.27"
Date SETS "19 Oct 1998"
......@@ -47,6 +47,7 @@
GET Hdr:ListOpts
GET Hdr:Macros
GET Hdr:System
GET Hdr:Machine.<Machine>
GET Hdr:ModHand
GET Hdr:FSNumbers
GET Hdr:NewErrors
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