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      Bugfixes: · 16dccd9c
      Ben Avison authored
      * Killing the module before it had shown the hourglass used to remove the
      * If an hourglass with a long lead-in time is pending, and a (shorter lead-in)
        second hourglass is started, the time that the animation actually starts is
        now determined by the sooner of the two, rather than always by the top-level
        hourglass' lead-in time.
      * If something else changes the pointer number or colours while the Hourglass
        is animating, the new values are remembered and put into effect when the
        hourglass stops, overriding those that were active when the hourglass started.
      * Under certain circumstances, R10 could be corrupted on exit, leading to
        data aborts being generated by the Wimp error box code. Fixing this also
        means that Hourglass_Smash can call Hourglass_Off directly, rather than
        having to issue Hourglass_Off as a SWI.
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