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Added for RCA build.

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% Acorn_SelwynEncoding 1.00 0
% This is an encoding vector for a font that is a subset of
% ZapfDingbats. It has some permutations from the original ZapfDingbats
% encoding to ensure that a set of convenient varied bullet characters
% are all drawn together in the codes &61 to &6F.
% These permutations are as follows:
% swap &25 (a4) with &61 (a60)
% move &34 (a20) to &62
% move &38 (a24) to &63
% swap &48 (a35) with &65 (a64)
% move &5D (a56) to &66
% move &70 (a203)to &67
% move &71 (a75) to &68
% swap &72 (a204)with &69 (a68)
% move &75 (a78) to &6A
% swap &E7 (a177)with &6B (a70)
% Codes 0-31
% Codes 32-63
% Codes 64-95
% Codes 96-127
% Codes 128-159
% Codes 160-191
% Codes 192-223
% Codes 224-255
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