Commit 64f82ba6 authored by Stewart Brodie's avatar Stewart Brodie
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Standardised location of messages file.

  Fixed locations to be inside Resources.UK.
  Standardisation means this component does not require BBE specific rules.

Version 1.51. Tagged as 'DrawFile-1_51'
parent 2426d166
......@@ -102,13 +102,13 @@ resources: resources-${CMDHELP}
${CP} Resources.Messages ${RESDIR}.${COMPONENT}.Messages ${CPFLAGS}
${CP} LocalRes:Messages ${RESDIR}.${COMPONENT}.Messages ${CPFLAGS}
resources-None: resources_common
resources-: resources_common
print Resources.CmdHelp { >> ${RESDIR}.${COMPONENT}.Messages }
print LocalRes:CmdHelp { >> ${RESDIR}.${COMPONENT}.Messages }
# ROM target (re-linked at ROM Image build time)
......@@ -168,8 +168,8 @@ RM.310.DrawFile: ${OBJS_310} ${RESOURCES310} ${OSLIB} CLib:o.Stubs ${ASMUTILS}
# Static dependencies:
o.Message310: Resources.Message310
ResGen Messages o.Message310 Resources.Message310 Resources.DrawFile.Messages
o.Message310: LocalRes:Message310
ResGen Messages o.Message310 LocalRes:Message310 Resources.DrawFile.Messages
#General rules
.SUFFIXES: .cmhg .h .c .debug .o .oSA .Resources .s .asm .i .def
NotDraw:Not a draw file
Version:Version number %0 too high in file
FontTab:More than one font table in file
BadFontNo:Font number %0 not in font table
BadMode:Mode number %0 not understood in sprite
BadFile:Object size too big for file
BadGroup:Object size too big for group
BadTag:Object size too big for tagged object
Syntax:Incorrect command \%0 in text area
FontNo:Font number %0 not defined in text area
AreaVer:Version number %0 in text area
NoAreaVer:No version number in text area
Error:%0 (location &%1 in file)
/* (1.50)
/* (1.51)
* This file is automatically maintained by srccommit, do not edit manually.
#define Module_MajorVersion_CMHG 1.50
#define Module_MajorVersion_CMHG 1.51
#define Module_MinorVersion_CMHG
#define Module_Date_CMHG 30 Nov 1999
#define Module_Date_CMHG 13 Dec 2000
#define Module_MajorVersion "1.50"
#define Module_Version 150
#define Module_MajorVersion "1.51"
#define Module_Version 151
#define Module_MinorVersion ""
#define Module_Date "30 Nov 1999"
#define Module_Date "13 Dec 2000"
#define Module_FullVersion "1.50"
#define Module_ApplicationDate2 "13-Dec-00"
#define Module_ApplicationDate4 "13-Dec-2000"
#define Module_ComponentName "DrawFile"
#define Module_ComponentPath "RiscOS/Sources/Video/Render/DrawFile"
#define Module_FullVersion "1.51"
#define Module_HelpVersion "1.51 (13 Dec 2000)"
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