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    Add output mode for Wandboard SD cards · 2becf3fe
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      Add an extra radio icon and supporting code to generate images for a Wandboard target, based on the detail in RiscOS/Sources/HAL/iMx6/s/LowBoot.
      Because the on chip loader looks at specific offsets on the SD card we can't use the same FAT layout and file copy operations that the OMAPs do, instead a special FAT image was created:
        mkdosfs -C -R 16386 -s 2 -S 512 blank,fc8 64260
                      ^        ^  ^               ^
                      |        |  |               +---- same as blank for OMAP
                      |        |  +-------------------- 512B/sector
                      |        +----------------------- 2 sectors per cluster
                      +-------------------------------- 8MB reserved for ROM + 1 for BPB + 1 spare
      then the SDCreate program writes the ROM and CMOS into the reserved area plus a welcome note explaining what's happened.
      FrontEnd Desc/Messages/Templates updated accordingly.
      Permit CMOS files of size 260 (256 + the version footer) as well as 240/244/2052.
      Makefile changed to use SQUISH from StdTools fragment.
    Version 1.26. Tagged as 'SDCreate-1_26'
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