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    Miscellaneous fixes and improvements · 07c77d0e
    Jeffrey Lee authored
      Resources/UK/Desc - Changed handling of icon 17 (SCSI drive number) so that it gets restored properly when saved choices are reloaded
      Resources/UK/Templates,fec - Added scroll bars, resize icon, etc. to main window to make it usable on low-res displays
      Resources/UK/!Help - Add linebreaks to wrap text to 80 columns. Required for it to display properly in FrontEnd's help viewer. Updated changelog.
      - Tidied up formatting a bit and added LOCAL's to procedures/functions to make it clearer which vars are local and which are global.
      - PROCdismount now dismounts the drive under both Fat32Fs and SCSIFS instead of just SCSIFS.
      - Added PROCCheckDisc to handle warning the user about potential data loss when writing an image to card/disc, and to provide an additional warning if the target disc holds !Boot or is the configured boot drive.
      Tested in a few situations to ensure Fat32Fs dismounting and !Boot drive/boot drive detection works OK
    Version 1.25. Tagged as 'SDCreate-1_25'
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