Commit bd52cdb7 authored by Michael Gerbracht's avatar Michael Gerbracht Committed by ROOL

Show the Window object with the same IDs as the Scale object

  The underlying Window object is now shown with the same parent object and component IDs as the Scale object (instead of no parent, as before).
  Based on a description of a similar bug in the Select change logs.
parent 2d85f966
......@@ -159,7 +159,7 @@ _kernel_oserror *show_actual (void) {
DEBUG debug_output ("e","Scale: attempting to actually show the dbox\n");
regs.r[0] = 0;
regs.r[1] = global_next->sub_object_id;
regs.r[1] = global_next->object_id;
if ((e = _kernel_swi (Toolbox_GetParent, &regs, &regs)) != NULL) {
return e;
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