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    Image mime type review · fe633ca0
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Added ".jif" as optional JPEG extension.
    Added fits since ChangeFSI can open them.
    Added prs.btif as a registered TIFF variant, though very unlikely to occur in the wild.
    Renamed image/svg to its W3C and IANA registration.
    Removed image/photo-cd due to no search engine hits (for a punctuation preserving search) and not IANA recognised.
    Corrected typo in xpng to x-png.
    Added vnd.dxf & vnd.microsoft.icon & vnd-wap-wmbp & vnd.adobe.photoshop as these have RISC OS file types and IANA registrations.
    Added image/bmp reluctantly with notes about which are official or not.
    Removed x-MS-bmp as x-ms-bmp covers it (MimeMap is case insensitive).
    Removed duplicates of x-photo-cd and x-xpixmap.
    Unrelated, added text/csv in passing.
    Version 5.54. Tagged as 'Internet-5_54'
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