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    Review of MimeMap sections · 9b56720c
    Robert Sprowson authored
    Video type:
      Deleted duplicate video/x-msvideo entry.
      Renamed acorn-replay into private name space.
      Added MJPEG.
    Multipart & message types:
      Reviewed, no changes.
    Audio type:
      Added AC3, L16, MPA.
      Removed audio/mp3.
    Application type:
      Duplicate of x-dvi, x-latex, x-shockwave-flash, x-director, x-tar entries removed.
      Caseless compare means .Z and .z are duplicates too.
      Quadruplicate entry for 'TeX' removed.
      Added XML & XML-DTD
      Added Lotus123 and XLS from !Eureka
      Added the office document formats, their XML equivalents, and pen document equivalents.
    Also sync md5.c with FreeBSD SVN revision 280716, this is no net code change since it's the result of feedback to FreeBSD from here.
    Version 5.57. Tagged as 'Internet-5_57'
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