Commit bf7fcc2e authored by Jeffrey Lee's avatar Jeffrey Lee
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Escape some dollars

  s/Obey - Escape some dollars contained in strings to avoid warnings from objasm
  Resulting binary unchanged

Version 0.40. Retagged as 'Obey-0_40'
parent 4d5ddb03
......@@ -713,10 +713,10 @@ MyExitHandler ROUT
;avoid the exceedingly naff method of XOS_CLI to *Set Obey$Dir, since it
;is needlessly slow (use XOS_SetVarVal instead)
obeydir_name DCB "Obey$Dir",0
obeydir_name DCB "Obey$$Dir",0
obeydir DCB "Set Obey$Dir "
obeydir DCB "Set Obey$$Dir "
ASSERT (.-obeydir)=16
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